Investigating the fine line of legality in the SF Bay Area

Should the Confederate Flag be Outlawed?

Local and national voices on the controversy surrounding the confederate flag.

July 2, 2015

People across the nation were in disbelief when they heard of the racist mass killing in Charleston, South Carolina. They were even more shocked when news coverage showed footage of the confederate flag remaining raised high and proud on top of a government building in Charleston. People in San Francisco voiced their opinions on the issue surrounding the confederate flag’s meaning and current political debate.

It’s old and out of pocket,” Robert Williams, a pedestrian in San Francisco, said, “It’s straight up disrespectful.”

Others were less aware of the history and hatred that the flag represents. emotional about the flag.
“I really don’t have an opinion on it [the confederate flag]; I just know that it is a racist symbol,” Katie, the owner of an herb shop in San Francisco, said.

Check out the video above for more thoughts on the confederate flag from the streets of San Francisco.



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